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Welcome to the Computers & English Language Learning Course (Compell)   

This course has been designed for international students of all levels studying English language and study skills at Sussex university. The aim of the course is to help develop and practise English language skills using the computer as a resource, a writing tool, and a means of communication. There are 10 lessons, each with a variety of tasks, and every student should complete a project. Welcome to the course, my name is Ali, and I am your guide and teacher.

* Lesson 1 - Introduction to course
* Lesson 2 - Email introductions
* Lesson 3 - Surfing the Net
* Lesson 4 - Search engines
* Lesson 5 - Using a word processor to synthesise texts
* Lesson 6 - Grammar, Vocabulary & Punctuation
* Lesson 7 - Accessing library resources
* Lesson 8 - CALL programs
* Lesson 9 - Writing your own Web page
* Lesson 10 - Discussion Groups and Newsgroups
* Student Project
* Student Home Pages
* Compell Bibliography

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